Verify the business associated with your organization

To ensure that only legitimate businesses are on Qwil we require you to verify that you company is authorised to do business under that name and you are an authorised representative. Completing this form will only take a minute (or less) updating two documents.

What is verified and what information is required?

  • - You're an authorised representative of your business and own the domain. If the domain of the registered email is the same as the public domain, simply submit a screenshot of your website showing the name, contact information and domain). Alternatively, provide a confirmation of the ownership of the domain (whois). In case you don't have a company domain address, your identity can be used for verification. 

  • - Your business is a legal entity and registered with the local authorities. Upload formation documents (e.g. articles of incorporation), a confirmation from external company database (e.g. Dun & Bradstreet DUNS ID) or other similar records.

When business verification is complete and successful, your account will be updated and the warning bar will be removed for all users. 

For more info on what is required and the process, see our Help Centre

Please refer to our Master Subscription Agreement and T&Cs for more details.